Increasing your customer base by protecting client information to a higher standard than the competition making you a more attractive supplier, or achieving a cyber security standard (27001, iasme, PCI DSS) allowing access to new markets.
The Cyber Security Innovation Voucher is for companies that would get value from investing in some aspect of cyber security such as: Protecting your own information that has significant business value.g IP of some form.Org/cyber-security where there are more guides to download and read, then apply here.However, it is worth watching this space as when applications re-open, Ascentor will publish details on our blog.If being more cyber secure would help you grow your business then these vouchers might be for you.Good luck with the process if you apply in the future.Complete the Your Idea section.The Innovation Voucher scheme run by the UKs Technology Strategy Board, has been going for some time now.As you may know, we are continually banging the drum that the most effective bsp auto code promotion way to improve a companys cyber security posture is via good governance.Information Risk Management Review.The voucher is for SMEs, entrepreneurs and early stage start-ups who see value in protecting and growing their business by having effective cyber security.Ascentor is listed and here is the link. .Its about making informed and balanced decisions based on the reality of operating a company in the information age where more than ever business success and failure is inescapably linked to technology.If you need any ideas, give me a call and I can talk you through the options.Dont forget to press the Submit application button and thats.See how IRM could help you face the ever-increasing cyber threat.You dont even have to use Ascentor, although obviously we would be devastated if you went somewhere else!Im here to help if you need it (call me on ).Next is the evaluation which consists of lots of questions about your company but they are all multiple choice.We have 6 such consultants here at Ascentor.