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Frustratingly, they're only available via employers, but many large and small companies take part.
Businesses also found other benefits in an increase in staff satisfaction and a reduction in staff turnover, saving indirectly on costs such as employing and training staff.
During Parliament on Tuesday 13th March, the government announced that the Childcare Vouchers scheme will remain open to new entrants for a further six months, meaning it will now close in October 2018 (previously it was due to close to new entrants from April 6th 2018).
Check your individual provider's procedures first.In doing this the parents do not pay any tax or national insurance on the amount contributed to the childcare vouchers scheme up to specified limits.Also many providers will let you remise a zero bmw serie 1 backdate vouchers up to six months, although your child must be born for you to be able to sign.With regard to pensions for members of USS and erss where an employee elects for a salary exchange, both employer and employee contributions will continue on the normal salary for the appointment.The scheme is not provided on a per-child basis, but on a per person basis, so both parents can claim under the scheme rules.These vouchers available via a special Government scheme and operated through employers allow you to pay for childcare from your PRE-TAX salary.Bear in mind you may be able to save the vouchers and use them in future as they don't expire until the September after your youngest child's 15th birthday (16 if your child's disabled).The number of children you have doesn't affect this, so the limits are the same whether you've one child or an entire Brady Bunch.Chilcare Vouchers to be extended by six months news story or compare which scheme's best for you.Although initially aimed at UK working parents, by providing a scheme businesses essentially lowered their own national insurance contributions as the vouchers are exempt from employer's NICs.Computershare Voucher Services or, kiddiVouchers.Due to this tax efficiency, the childcare voucher scheme has limits in place, after which you would pay for childcare in the usual taxable fashion.
A minimum of one calendar month's notice must be given to join the scheme.
Eligibility edit, uK working parents are eligible.