Which of the following is not one of the other control objectives?
Recording of journals and offre reduction rue du commerce ledgers are separately maintained from the General Ledger.
Remittance advice Which of the decisions below is not ordinarily found as part of the revenue cycle?Which of the following is accomplished by corrective controls?All of the above are accomplished by corrective controls.Inaccurate or invalid master data.Validity check Batch controls Record count- total number of records were processed Batch control total (financial total)- total dollar value of transactions were processed Hash totals- totals of non-financial field to ensure processing was complete (example adding up all of the sales orders) Multiple data.Duplicate checking of calculations after invoice creation is an example of a _ control, and procedures to resubmit rejected invoices is an example of a _ control.Promoting operational efficiency.Coso framework, committee of sponsoring organizations -Control environment -Risk assessment -Information and communication -Monitoring -Control Activities, nOT risk based, dOES NOT address IT issues.Characteristic features of the internal and external audit.Where employees are paid on commission, the sales voucher provides information for commission payments.Gaap accounting rules recognize a sale when inventory becomes the legal property of the customer.Theft of cash; segregation of duties and minimization of cash handling What is a primary objective of the revenue cycle?Independent checks on performance SOD Authorization, recording, custody Make sure all information system components operate smoothy and efficiently System adiministrators Ensure that devices are linked to the organization's internal and external networks and that those networks operate properly Network managers Makes sure that systems are.Demonstrates commitment to competence.It revealed the following violations: In connection with the formation of wrong accounting of proceeds from the sale (sale) of products accounts receivable was understated by 38 446rub.; As a result of the partial reflection received and paid invoices from suppliers was an understatement.A waitperson, for example, can take down diners' orders on a handheld device programmed with point-of-sale software designed specifically for restaurants.Using rules (standards) of audit activity "Materiality and Audit Risk select a baseline for calculating the level of materiality for the "Autoworld and set the maximum allowable limit mistakes in reporting, given the specificity of the financial and economic activities of "Autoworld using Chart.One of the most important pieces of information on a sales voucher is the voucher number.Unauthorized disclosure of sensitive information.When the customer didn't receive a written record, the sales voucher was the original invoice.Contemporary Equivalents, credit card information and sales management software have largely replaced handwritten vouchers, providing all the information of a sales voucher and more, in computerized form using data from cash-registers or handheld devices, which distribute the information electronically to various departments.
Make sure that different people handle different parts of the same transaction.
Handling cash receipts and mailing vendor payments Separating the shipping and billing functions is designed to reduce the threat of Failure to bill customers A serious exposure in the revenue cycle is loss of assets.

Hash total A data entry input control in which the application software sums the first four digits of a customer number to calculate the value of the fifth digit and then compares the calculated number to the number typed in during data entry.