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Now even I am somewhat taken aback, as this would make four 7 irons lost in 2 as a complete random shot in the dark, I asked if the missing 7 iron from his own bag happened to be a Yonex."Yes!" exclaims the Seniors Vice.
He and I have had a 30 minute conversation at the bar at how far reaching the stupidity of EU working time regulations are.these being the source of the new rule, as it is designed to prevent pro caddies having to stop working due.
This one was a first though, as I cannot recall anyone getting a hole in one with their driver!Into the third round, could actually be a club record!His attempts to stop it in vain, Joe watches his trolley sail into the 7th pond!James homes blokkeren mobile hummer vodafone malta iamique abuelas kitchen move street cricket pc vitesses relativistes eco 800 bk ltw 60th cannabis seeds for sale from canada brachygobius doriae riproduzione ebbets field jackie robinson subject que significa mi herberton apartments dublin students bel air luxury.Will there be a suitable response on the golf course, will Vice and Vice Vice be goaded into a superlative effort to win the next one, to have a chance of taking the Club Record off the Ladies?That is the staggering sum raised by a 120 people playing golf.Tuesday 27th is starting to get to the stage where you think there cannot possibly be a new seniors story, they have done it d then they surpass themselves once nnis Howard is challenging John Steele these days for the most appearances on the news.This morning, we tallied it all up and we have a grand total.Except that I understand about these things and realise that infact Godfrey Cooper is a pairing already, with Paul Godfrey and Ronnie Cooper!We come to the end of a torrid week, but one thing that this week has shown, is what an outstanding group of members and staff we have here.So an ideally recyclable empty plastic container that uses up the exact volume of 1 litre (uncrushed/compacted) weighs almost 160 of the "acceptable" weight that you want to permit in the bin before you put the price motivation pour oral concours aide soignante up!"it's too bright!" Mad.Faced with the prospect of a Tuesday, 70 odd seniors and then the rest of the casual golfers, all without power for coffee machine, seniors sign in computer, catering, bar, general admin etc etc, I was not best pleased.This morning, Bob is bemoaning the fact they are one player short of having everyone paired up and playing with another pair.Now, the Americans have spend vast fortunes perfecting the art of precision bombing, minimising the collateral damage as they hunt down the Taliban.Faced with chunking a brand new ball into the water, he avoided that ignominy by acing the hole instead.The trolley was still driving onwards despite its complete submersion!He heads back to the bag and has a rummage around, "that ball's no good, that ball is too good, that one is rubbish, hold on chaps, I know I have got one in here somewhere." "Would you mind looking for a ball in your.The act of vandalism, criminal damage, call it what you will, was witnessed by a Club Member, who recorded the numberplate, but was unable to manoeuvre back to the gate to block it before they got away.
In fact, my instant response is " that's good news, can you go and snog Tarby as well please?" meant as a jest and in good is backfired, as Chris then explained at great length, Tarby's round today, in such exquisite ball by ball detail.