A school voucher code de reduction futuroscope system tends to divide the country, while public education serves to unite.
Some of these assertions include: School vouchers empower parents to make choices for their children, based on their childrens unique needs, interests and learning styles.Public schools are funded by the government, so they must follow certain guidelines set forth by state regulators.With so much information flying around about school choice and voucher programs and relatively few programs to look at to see if the system really does offer benefits it can be difficult to know whether this approach to education really will raise the bar.School Voucher Research, not surprisingly, much of the research around vouchers is highly charged and often contradictory.School vouchers fail, the EPI reports findings contribute to a significant and growing body of research showing the negative impacts of school voucher programs on student learning and the public education system.School vouchers meet childrens needs more effectively by allowing them to go to the school that is the best fit for them, rather than the one that is simply in the neighborhood.(Learn more here.) If you are logged in as a subscriber or registered user and already have a Display Name on edweek.Dispelling the Myths of School Choice Some of the arguments made in favor of or opposing school choice and vouchers simply dont hold much water when the facts are presented.In some cases, students may have to take a test to qualify for enrollment in the schools; others allow for enrollment according to parental request alone.Constitutions prohibition on government establishment of religion.In Cleveland, various studies performed on the benefits of vouchers provided conflicting results, so it is difficult to assess the true outcome of this ongoing program at this time.Carnoys report takes the case against vouchers even further by addressing the assertion, often made by school privatization proponents, that pitting public and private schools against one another raises performance of the public schools which are spurred to improve by the threat of competition.The researchers further observed that voucher supporters are stressing what they see as other benefits of vouchers, such as expanded options for parents to select schools, higher parental satisfaction, and higher graduation rates.But thats not the case.The schools are not subject to the same state and federal requirements that govern other public schools, but they are held to a high accountability level in terms of their performance.One reason school choice has become a major point of contention is due to the fact that there are many options in education today.
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"More competition flies in the face of what we know would be helpful.

These advocates of a fair and equal education system were clamoring for a voucher system even during this time, as a means of breaking the monopoly that public education had become.
"It's a policy without evidence Carnoy said, and a form of "privatization" that he believes will do great harm in the long run, particularly due to the "diversionary effect" these ideas have in directing policy makers away from measures that are more apt to work.