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This can vary greatly, with a song being just a few MB (there are 1,000MB in a GB) while a full film downloaded in HD can be 4GB, so think about what youll be using your phone for.
Click through to see more or buy online.Or if a lot of friends use the same system, its a good bet to go with that as a beginner youll have people to ask about the best apps, when you get stuck, or if something goes wrong!Experiment with what feels comfortable in your hand and what is comfortable for reading before you decide.4G is brilliant for the fast transfer of data, so if youre going to want to take advantage and you spend a lot of time in a 4G area youll want a 4G capable device.Battery life: Some mobile phones are notoriously poor when it comes to battery life.Camera: Our advice is not to pay too much attention to your phones camera.Smartphone operating systems (OS next youll want to choose.If youre a heavy user and spend a lot of time in places where charging is an issue, be sure to read mobile phone reviews to see how other customers have fared.At Crowdstorm youll find deals on handsets alone sncb promo decembre which may not be a way youve bought a mobile before.So now we get down to the nitty gritty: how to find the perfect handset.But choosing the best smartphones isnt easy, especially if youre unfamiliar with the ever changing specs and terminology.Look for an absolute minimum of 1GB of RAM but heavy users or those wanting to play more complex games should aim for at least 2GB.Instead look for fun, happy snapper features (and cadeau de noel pour un homme qui a tout a flash is always a winner).
Just be sure you have a SIM-free handset (as youll get on many deals here otherwise your phone will be locked to a particular network (as in a contract deal) and youll have to pay an extra fee to have it unlocked.
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