On this day various activities are planned in schools, academic institutes to spread the knowledge regarding these disasters.
The country wise celebration of this day is given below: remise gracieuse trésor public India, india is a huge country and the population of the country is utilized with a positive attitude to spread the awareness of disaster and disaster management.
The theme of 2011 was: Children and Young People are partners for Disaster Risk Reduction: Step Up for Disaster Risk Reduction!If we successfully chalk out an ideal scientific management plan, then it would be possible to reduce the impact of disaster which the mankind is confronted with and is the cry of the current day.Some more Suggestions to Celebrate International Day of Natural Disaster Reduction in India, india is a country of enormous physiographic diversity and vast areal expanse.The contribution of this nation is significant to the rest of the world because the occurrence of calamities in India is higher than expected, but the resilience is slow and not speedy in any way.Students also organize campaigns to advocate on this topic and thereafter find different measures to curtail the occurrence of natural disasters.Saturday, the 13th of October 2018.It offers five extraction tools like promo codes zavvi frequency, harmonics, noise, shape and area to highlight only what you prefer.The theme of 2004: Todays disasters for tomorrows hazards.Themes of pervious years are: The theme of 2016 was: Live to Tell: Raising Awareness, Reducing Mortality.Various options available for noise reduction are basic in this software but perform better than other tools available in the market which made it as best noise reduction software.It reduces grain and noise in images taken at high sensitivity.These people encourage others to get involved in awareness-raising campaigns and a number of activities are organized for the commemoration of International day to reduce the risk of natural disasters.The young generation nowadays use face book, twitter and other social applications on this day to spread the theme of International Day for Natural Disaster Reduction.The Theme of International Day for Natural Disaster Reduction, 2017 is Sendai Seven based on the seven motives of Sendai convention for seven years.The theme of 2009/2008 was: Hospitals Safe from Disaster.The celebration of International Day of Natural Disaster Reduction is an annual occasion held in Australia.A rectangle box is available to make the fast preview of small portion of picture if you make any adjustment with the image and it works on java machines.International Day for Natural Disaster Reduction is observed annually to raise vigilance about the repercussions of changes that are going on in our environment which leads to calamities.Just double click on the image to open the useful browser option in main window.

So to fight this with an iron hand majorly three modes have to be practices and this day is the best platform to start this new initiative.
In 2009, the UN General Assembly decided to designate October 13 as the official date and also changed the name to International Day for Disaster Reduction.