This new process is very effective in challenging applications such as toxic micro-pollutant and non-biodegradable organic compounds, COD meuble tv bois promo and TOC reduction, VOC abatement, toxicity reduction, color and odor removal.
Reduced water, therefore, can be called scavenging water.So, rH yields a hydrogen proton-unbiased measure of absolute reducing potential of a substance; eliminating effects due.But they eventually learned that other elements behave chemically in much the same way as oxygen.As well since fish live in their liquid environment, water parameters such as Redox have a more definite affect on fish than with humans.This article has information about using Potassium Permanganate in a very simple ( fun) test to determine the health of your aquarium before and after a water change: Aquarium Cleaning; Reasons (See Redox Section).Redox reactions are among the most common and most important chemical reactions in everyday life.The goldfish had fewer instances of general diseases as well as infestations such as Ich, Anchor Worms, and other problems with the variables of constant replenishment of mineral cations, regular water changes, the use of correctly installed efficient UV sterilizers (all of which contribute.Esco International AOP system creates a more effective oxidative TOC reduction process compared to known conventional AOP processes.Aquarium Lighting and the "quality" of this light has also in recent preliminary tests shown to reduce Redox, which has important aquarium keeping implications (both positive and negative, depending upon what is currently happening in an aquarium).As per my history section later in this article, it was in part the use of Cation rich mineral blocks that I myself stumbled upon this concept after observing improved fish health.The process offered by esco International uses a unique combination of ozone, hydrogen peroxide, a proprietary catalyst and UV oxidation, as shown in the following figure.However some in the aquarium keeping community still seem to be in the dark as per this growing documented research.Oxidizing agent: A chemical substance that gives up oxygen or takes on electrons from another substance.

Please note that the oxidizers have a plus and the reducers have a negative in the chart to the left.
A result, the new advanced oxidation process development can be extended to new fields which were previously thought to be unworkable and uneconomical.