reduction oxidation gcse

We can also see that the iron oxide has been reduced.
Fe (s) loses 2 electrons to form iron ions ( Fe2 (aq) Fe (s) - 2 e- (aq) Fe2 (aq) This is called oxidation.
Note that: the oxidising agent is the chemical that causes oxidation the reducing agent causes the other chemical to be reduced.For example, when copper ( II ) oxide is heated with carbon copper ( II ) oxide carbon copper carbon dioxide.Oxidation and reduction always occur together.0.0 / 5, view mindmap, oxidation and Reduction, oxidation is the addition of oxygen to an element or compound.The Reactivity Series, oxidation and, reduction.2 Cu O (s) C (s) 2 Cu (s) CO 2 (g) C arbon is oxidised idée cadeau pour maman a fabriquer by gaining oxygen to form carbon dioxide.Copper ions ( Cu2 (aq) gain 2 electrons to form copper metal ( Cu (s) Cu2 (aq) 2 e- (aq) Cu (s) This is called reduction.Using a coating of some sort (oil or paint) can slow down the rate of corrosion.Metals high in the reactivity series corrode very easily; metal lower down don't.Copper is said to be reduced.Sign up to Comment, similar Science resources: See all Science resources see all Metals resources ».
It is also the gain of oxygen by a substance.