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Its my favorite piece of sushi I love raw shrimp.
Komaiko (Saffron cod roe Im not sure if I got the hiragana correct or not but the romanji is code promotionnel amazon france right.La Colombe de Pâques La brioche Italienne de Pâques Premier mélange200 g de farine 0 ( Manitoba)20 g levure de bièreLait entier, environ 1/4 de verre Deuxième mélange.I asked for shiro mirugai and was surprised (and a little embarrassed) to hear the collective gasps from the other diners beside.Shiro mirugai (Geoduck giant clam JPY 880 I wanted more, especially jeu concours gratuit concert since I had perused the extensive a la carte sushi menu and found geoduck.The rice-to-neta ratio is very generous too and its just better in every single way.Hotate (Scallops I also had the local Hokkaido scallops.Thats how I have a photo even though I ate it before she could take.It was so creamy and delicious I nearly came in my pants.Jun (JPY 6,300) and has 16 pieces of sushi.She had it this time but didnt like it coz it was too crunchy.There were two other Japanese women beside us on the counter and a lone Japanese male taking up the last seat.There are three different omazake tiers this is the classic Sho/Chiku/Bai trio of price levels in Japanese dining.The otoro was deliciously fatty, with a rich and lingering buttery mouthfeel.
This is how sushi is meant to be eaten and Im glad I took the time (and long distance call charges) to communicate that I wanted a counter seat at all costs.
You cant get it from the a la carte menu.