You can read more about it here:, in order to ensure that the group rules apply, we would like to ask all our members to set this setting on Public when requesting a coupon and to keep it like that until the purchase is checked.
In addition, we want to thank and remember every single retired staff member the group ever had.
Read More, booster lottery winners MAR 31 March -.We are grateful for their service and dedication and wish them all the best in the future.Here you can dump your unwanted coupons on us, and we will in return give those coupons for free to others who want them.Yesterday's update added a new privacy réduction du temps de travail code du travail setting to your profile: "Game details" with possible values, public / Friends Only / Private, the default being Friends Only.About Coupon Dumpster, what We Do For You, we're providing the service of collecting, listing and finally giving coupons away to you, the community.New Profile Privacy Settings And How This Affects Coupon Requests 11 April - Lilly 5 Comments.Cinnamon 7 Comments How To Enter for the next Lottery?Please be aware of Trade Holds, which are 15 days if you're not using a mobile authentication device, and plan your entry accordingly!) Did you already enter?THE rules * coupon requests coupon donations * mAKE US better gAME giveaways fROM members TO members we're doing this out of our free time and will.To thank all of our generous donators and supporters we regularly hold various kinds of giveaways in addition.This can be done on your profile settings page (set "Game details" to "Public.Privacy Policy, legal, steam Subscriber concours sous officier gendarmerie preparation Agreement, refunds.Thank you for your understanding!Next: Card: 15th Apr- Booster: 30th Apr Stake: 1 Trading Card / 1 Boosterpack Trade URL Winners drawn by: Our lottery winners picker tool nk Send your trading card / booster Trade URL via trade offer to: ( I will only accept trade offers that.If the setting is not set on Public, the staff will ask you to change it temporarily, before sending you the requested coupons.All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries.
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