Though I wasnt all that surprised, the Michelin Tire Fulfillment Center sent me an email late yesterday concours infirmier chu toulouse (over a month after I submitted on their website, I might add) asking for exactly the same information which I submitted on their website : WTF?
Pour vous aider à choisir les pneumatiques correspondant à votre conduite ou votre véhicule, nos experts vous proposent une sélection macon concours de vins de pneumatiques de la marque de référence.
This is a car my air-traveling wife hardly drove and has only 18,XXX miles on the odometer.We can correct the mistake for you.Les réclamations concernant lopération envoyées après le ne seront plus traitées.If you submitted your claim online, please log back into your account and select My claim status.Update ON 9/25/17, looks like either their original email to me was boilerplate or this post, social media shaming, and other efforts got them to remove the obstacles for rebate payment: In August I purchased four michelin brand tires for my 2013 Toyota Prius Persona.But its not just.Then Ill post it to michelins Facebook page so maybe, just maybe, theyll stop delaying and erecting barriers to a promotion that should be done in good faith.Its been 8 weeks and I still have not received my rebate cheque.The Great Rebate Scam illustrates.Please allow 6-8 weeks to receive your mail-in rebate.Your rebate will be processed from the information you provided on the website.Chrome 35 or higher, Firefox 35 or higher, Safari 6 or higher, Internet Explorer 10 or higher, or equivalent browser software.Les pneus auto hiver : Les pneus été 4x4 : Les pneus hiver 4x4 : Voir tous les pneus Michelin.Consumers hating-rebates-backlash is the primary reason why.Rebate cheques are received within 6-8 weeks of being approved.
That said, readers of this blog know I *deeply hate* cadeau anniversaire copain distance rebates, unless theyre the taken at the checkout kind which gives a discount immediately.
Though I absolutely detest rebates, mainly since companies make it very hard to comply with all the instructions in the hope theyll fulfill as few rebates as possible, I am quite meticulous on how I apply for them to ensure Im complying with instructions and.