I mean bernard and rose but if people will not leave i think could be same i mean with rose's cancer before the crash.
Thank to luanne to notice this detail and think about this spec.
Look all losties are here!
Some losties are leaving o_O and claire too!M/ - Free riot points!He said on the trailer they can't trust freighter people and he stays with jack!But locke is again with all losties look in the center you can see him with the torch!So why locke didn't leave too?I'm intrigued now it's the separation?Or it's not locke in the center but it look like him, shirt, no hairs.I'm intrigued lool and obsessed too now argggggggg not good for.Or miss obsession i dunno.Locke, danielle, karl, alex, ben,claire, hurley and saywer (and pecno people lol).After i told with luanne, she noticed that in the first pic i posted, losties are looking at someone and i lurked the caps i did for the trailer and noticed they're looking at locke!_ ETA 2 : it's me after i slept my mind is more clear, i don't think it's locke 's jack team o_o more people i could believed!Well, i was watching the promo concours journaliste radio france in my ipod and i noticed something so i went to my computer i did a interesting cap.So now i guess it's the locke's team like i thought before.I need better size!

So locke is doing his speech and claire and others losties are leaving 'cause they chose him but others losties are still listening him.
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