Risks of cheek reduction include: Anesthesia complications.
It may be combined with other procedures, such as facelift, brow lift or eyelid surgery, in which case the treatment time will be longer.Genioplasty may be performed to remise a zero bmw serie 1 ensure the face is in proportion following other contouring procedures.Seoul TouchUp has learned that doctors in Korea usually recommend what is popular among Koreans or what might look great for Asians.However, this effect is at best variable and uncertain.Your surgeon may then place antibiotic-soaked gauze along the incisions and/or wrap your head in a pressure dressing.Reduction" concept still holds true for facial bone contouring surgeries.During the consultation, your surgeon will examine your facial anatomy, compile your medical history (including all medications you are currently taking) and listen to your concerns about your cheeks and your aesthetic goals.The procedure boasts safe and reliable resultat concours ifsi bordeaux charles perrens results, minimal complications and swelling, and a fast recovery period.Board certification Board certification is the most critical credential a surgeon can have.Since face contouring techniques are very advanced, it must be operated by excellent surgeons who have years of experience.Micro-saw, marked areas of prominent bone are cut with a micro-saw, curving down from back to front, to achieve a well-rounded contour.This should be transient and resolve within a week.You would like to reduce the width of the lower part of your face.Ask any prospective surgeon where your surgery would be carried out and about the facilitys level of accreditation.A cut is made through the gum on the inside of the lower lip to gain access to the lower jaw bone and chin.You can maintain beautiful results by avoiding the sun or using high SPF sun protection, eating well and scheduling follow-up appointments if you have any queries or concerns.
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As mentioned, its a natural looking effect, unlike surgical jaw reduction where people will most likely be able to tell.* When I do non-surgical jaw reduction by btx, will I become addicted to the procedure?