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19 Final cluster reductions edit NG-coalescence edit Pronunciation of in the word tongue in various code promo album photo cewe regional dialects of England NG-coalescence is a historical sound change by which the final cluster /n pronounced (the /n/ probikeshop code promo decembre 2018 being realized as a velar nasal by assimilation with the velar.Online Etymology Dictionary - Ask a b c Phonological Features of African American Vernacular English Dandy,.B., Black Communications: Breaking Down the Barriers, African American Images, 1991,.This may happen within words or across word boundaries.The new final consonant may be slightly lengthened as an effect.Chambers, "Social embedding of changes in progress." Journal of English Linguistics 26 (1998 accessed March 30, 2010.23 Relative to the great majority of modern dialects, which have NG-coalescence, G-dropping does not involve the dropping of any sound, simply the replacement of the velar nasal with the alveolar nasal.See also edit References edit "Archived copy".40 It persists in some dialects: for example, in Ulster Scots as /aks and in Jamaican English as /aks from where it has entered London speech as /ks/.G-dropping speakers may pronounce this syllable as n or n (reducing to a syllabic n in some cases while non-G-dropping speakers have or more rarely / or /i/.In other cases (when it is not morpheme-final word-internal -ng- does not show the effects of coalescence, and the pronunciation is retained, as in finger and angle.This process, called consonant cluster reduction, is relatively variable but confined my linguistic factors that inhibit the operation of reducing these words.This change from /u/ to /ju which had occurred in London by the end of the 17th century, did not take place in all dialects.Old English also had a cluster /wl which reduced to /l/ during Middle English.This applies especially to the -ing ending of verbs, but also in other words such as morning, ceiling, Buckingham, etc.IP Whois Get more, oVH SAS, iP address, server Technologies.For example, Old English hlf, hring and hnutu become loaf, ring and nut in Modern English.
Most dialects of English reduced the initial cluster /kn/ to /n/ relatively recently; the change seems to have taken place in educated English during the seventeenth century.
Pearce illustrates the common three-item initial consonant clusters in the following words: "spl/ split, /spr/ sprig, /spj/ spume, /str/ strip, /stj/ stew, /skl/ sclerotic, /skr/ screen, /skw/ squad, /skj/ skua wherein every word must start with an "s be followed by a voiceless stop like "p" or "t" and a liquid or glide like.

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