He got a 50 for it, obviously 6 wilkins wasn't far behind with a 49 7 here's Jordan's second dunk of the semifinals, a 48 8/.
With a combination of power and finesse, the "Human Highlight Film" took a comfortable lead heading into the fourth and final dunk after earning two straight scores of 50 points.Nestlé Crunch a été le sponsor de l'épreuve de 1984 à 1997, jusqu'à sa suppression, puis m de 2000 à 2002 et Sprite, de 2003 à aujourd'hui, sont devenus tour à tour les parrains du Slam Dunk Contest.Corey Maggette 2000 (Vince Carter, vainqueur en 2000) Les deux meilleurs dunks du premier tour sont compté Premier tour Vince Carter 100 (50-49-50) promo ricard carrefour 21 septembre 2018 Tracy McGrady 99 (45-49-50) Steve Francis 95 (45-50-32) Eliminés : Ricky Davis 88 (40-32-48) Jerry Stackhouse 83 (41-36-42) Larry Hughes 67 (30-30-37).Going up against Jordan in Chicago, Wilkins was an airborne duck who didn't stand a chance.In what would be the last year the two would meet in the dunk contest, the hometown favourite prevailed in the most dramatic and controversial ending to the All-Star Saturday classic showdown with a 147-145 final-round victory.The duo withstood competition from 1986 champion Spud Webb, Houston's Otis Smith and Portland's high-flying Clyde Drexler to set the stage for the final showdown."When you're in somebody's hometown, it's always tough Wilkins said.The expression on Nique's face was, What do I have to do here?Edgar Jones Ralph Sampson.Ricky Davis 2003 (Jason Richardson, vainqueur en 2002 et 2003) Premier tour Jason Richardson, 100 (50-50) Desmond Mason, 90 (46-44) Eliminés : Amare Stoudemire, 79 (49-30) Richard Jefferson, 74 (37-37) Finale Jason Richardson bat Desmond Mason, 95 (45-50) - 93 (50-43) Classement 2003.Nate Robinson, New York 2005, denver, josh Smith, Atlanta 2004, los Angeles, fred Jones, Indiana 2003, atlanta.

Speaking with, grantland's Bill Simmons ( h/t NBC Sports' ProBasketballTalk Wilkins admitted what many already knew: He was robbed.
J., Jordan took off running, lifted off from the free throw line, double-clutched in midair and slammed it down for the perfect score and the slam dunk title.
The 1988 Slam Dunk competition has long been mired in controversy.