Check the primary of the power transformer - if it is open, there may be a fuse/thermal fuse underits outer insulation.
The anode is a cylinder made from.062" (1.5 mm) thick copper with an inside diameter of 1-3/8" (35 mm) and a length of about 1" (25.4 mm).The reason they can get away with so few turns is that it operates fully loaded about 90 percent of the time but is still on the hairy edge of core saturation.A Variac(tm) is not an isolation transformer!Oven heats but shuts off randomly Everything operates normally, but the oven shuts off after varying amounts of time.Now for the uF rating: Unlike a conventional power supply filter capacitor, the capacitor in a microwave is in a voltage doubler and effectively in series with the load (magnetron).Lv.1 Details To set whether to display the modes for plain paper 3, recycled paper 3, heavy paper 1/2/3 on the Auto Adjust Gradation screen at the time.While not advocating being a pack rat, this does have its advantages at times.Controller is confused - a power surge or random non-reproducible action of the universe may have resulted in the controller's program ending up in an infinite loop.An oven that sees daily use may indeed weaken over the course of several years.Overheating due to bad magnetron.The NE-2 size is a good one.If you have never tried the probe before, check your users manual.The three probes were listed as (high/low range for each Probe Range.2 mW.0 mW/square cm 8121A.0 mW.0 mW/square cm 8122A.0 mW to 200.0 mW/square cm This is from memory, but I believe that the maximum leakages.And, annales concours commun catégorie c des ministères économique et financier yes, the non-linear increase in current indicates that the core is saturating with no load.Possible causes: Gummed up lubrication or bad motor bearing(s).
Note: when working on controller related marché de la box cadeau problems, unplug the connection to the microwave generator (HV transformer primary) from the power relay or triac - it is often a separate connector.